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Advanced Program

Advanced Program
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Model: Advanced Weight Loss

Your Advanced Program includes all the products of the
QuickStart Program
+ Instant Herbal Beverage

You Get FREE: Lightning-Fast Delivery (Next Day-2 days).

Instant Herbal Beverage:
Ultimate Tea

Instant Herbal Beverage is a refreshing & exhilarating herbal beverage that combines ancient herbal wisdom with modern-day convenience.
Blended from 5 fast-acting natural botanicals, it provides an amazing (much better) alternative to traditional beverages.
A perfect way of Turbo-Charging your Herbalife Weight Loss Program.

You choose from 2 energising flavours:

  • Original (lemon flavour)
  • Peach

"Instant Herbal Beverage - rockets my energy"

"I really enjoy drinking 2 cups/day of Herbalife Instant Herbal Beverage slimming tea,
it skyrockets my energy so I can now do lots of weight loss exercises - it really is a Top Notch herbal product".

Col Elliott 

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

"I quickly lost 12kg & my energy is through the ceiling"


"Instant Herbal Beverage slimming tea gives me an amazing quick energy boost, and I can feel it taking inches off my waist. I had easy weight loss with the Herbalife diet - I lost 12kg, the Herbalife products helped me lose weight fast. I've been enjoying my best natural health with the Herbalife products for 18 years. Iam 56 and feel like Iam 30"

Geoff Baker
Penrith Sydney


Advanced Program:

Formula 1 Shake Mix (560g)     Herbalife Shake Recipes 
Ultimate Fast Food

5 mouthwatering flavours for you:             

  • French Vanilla
  • Dutch Chocolate
  • Cookies 'n Cream
  • Berry
  • Mint Chocolate

Your Herbalife products are very exciting for you - get your new skinny slim body super quick !

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