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43kg Herbalife weight loss:

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Being unhealthy, overweight and depressed was becoming intolerable for Richard Addamo. "I tried just about everything to lose weight," Richard recalls. "I was always on the lookout for diet products that would actually deliver results." "I had a lot of weight to lose and this was my number one goal, but my second goal was to improve my health and fitness," he said. "I was determined to achieve both, so I began working out."

A friend who worked out regularly told Richard about Herbalife. "My friend was in great shape and was using the Herbal life products for sports performance and good health," said Richard. "I was interested right away and started taking the Herbalife products around April 1998." Richard began with the Ultimate Herbalife weight loss Program and gradually upgraded using Herbalife's targeted nutritional supplements. He was amazed and excited by his results. "In the first couple of months I lost 9kg and felt much healthier with more stamina," Richard exclaimed. "I was also relieved that I had finally found a Weight loss Program that worked! I started eating healthier by making a few simple changes to my diet," he said. "Just going for the healthier option - grilled not fried; avoiding high amounts of dairy; avoiding sweets; eating lean meats; lots of fresh fruit and vegetables." It took Richard just over eight months on the Herbalife weight loss Program to lose a total of 43kg, but the results have been permanent and remarkable.


"I have a whole new body shape! I went from a pants size 42 to size 32. My results from the Herbal life products were all I needed to stay motivated. Everyone who knew me back then has noticed the difference. Some friends who hadn't seen me for a while didn't even recognise me!" Two years after losing the weight, Richard is still delighted by his trim new body and is using the Protein Powder to build lean muscle while working out more seriously. "The best thing about my Herbalife results is the way I feel about myself. I have more confidence and self-esteem. I am much healthier, look better and enjoy life a lot more - thanks to Herbalife!

Richard Addamo.

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

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"I lost 2kg in 1st 5 Days"

"Iam a mother of 3 small children. I've been on my Shape Up program & Instant Herbal Beverage for 5 days, I've lost 2kg, I have never felt so healthy in all my life, and I've also noticed I don't get stressed out any more, Iam very excited, and I know I'll have 10kg off simply & easily - Iam very impressed !

Hayley Condon 

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

"I'll be nice & slim soon - I've lost 7kg & 37cm overall"

"It is now 7 weeks and I have lost 7kg & 37cm overall. I am really happy with that considering I still have my 2 glasses of wine at night with my meal.  Weather has cooled down a bit so I have started to do some exercise this week. Just imagine what i could have lost if I had been exercising from the start.  The best part is that 3 weekends out of the 7 I was visiting family and managed to stick to the program (not completely) and go out for dinner - and still lose weight."

Thanks so much

Roz Smith


"hey - check out my slim body now - I lost 4.4kg in 2 weeks"

"Iam loving this lifestyle - it's a nobrainer, and it works like nothing I've tried before. This is the end of week 2 and I've lost 4.4kg so far, this is brilliant - I will be trim taut & terrific soon"

Deborah Kofoed