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Tang Kuei Plus

Tang Kuei Plus
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Model: Ultimate Muscle Relaxer

 "PMT has gone & I lost 15kg & I have energy+"

"Through my pregnancy and after my 2nd child was born I was over weight, plump and I was lacking energy. I tried the Atkins low carb diet food but I found this was too high in fat to be healthy for me. On Herbalife's QuickStart natural weight loss program with it's mouthwatering and satisfying weight loss shakes -  I've had easy quick weight loss - I lost 15kg in just 12 weeks, I've gone from 80kg - 65kg, and I lost 12cm - waist & 18cm - hips. With 15 kilos less weight to carry around I now have a big spring in my step. I noticed my energy was amazing by about the 3rd day on the products - I've never had this much rapid energy ! Since I started using Herbalife's Tang Kuei I no longer have any PMT problems. Iam now slim, have exciting energy, and just feel so healthy. My tip is I recommend the Herbalife products to everyone for energizing natural weight loss & quick inch loss and to simply feel super-healthy"

Helen Sutton

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

Tang Kuei has been used for centuries in China as a general nutritional tonic and it's particularly beneficial for women. In the Chinese system, Tang Kuei is considered a superior herb and is often added to soups and broths to increase their nutritional value.

Tang Kuei has been specially formulated to help relieve your nervous tensions, stress and mild anxiety.

For your relief of PMT PMS pre-menstrual symptoms, relief of muscular aches & pains, headaches, migraines.

Tang Kuei Plus combines the calming properties of Chamomile with the nutritional benefits of Tang Kuei to help you:

  • Relieve nervous tension, stress & mild anxiety
  • Support muscle relaxation
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Provide relief of pre-menstrual symptoms

Muscle Pain & Pre-menstrual Symptoms :
“I have 3 damaged disks in my neck plus a damaged left AC joint. Typically, I would come home after 10 hours of lawn mowing and edging feeling totally shattered. After taking 2 Tang Kuei at night and again in the morning, I’m 90% back to normal.”

“My wife previously suffered minor pre-menstrual symptoms – chest tenderness, minor cramping and a bloated feeling. When her next period arrived she was surprised because she had felt none of her usual symptoms. Having taken Tang Kuei for over 6 months now, she has to keep an eye on her diary to know when they are due.”  Bob F

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

Stress & Sleep :
”A Tang Kuei in the morning helps me deal with stress at work and keeps me calm. If I toss and turn at night, I take two Tang Kuei and I sleep as a baby and feel refreshed in the morning.” Brad C, NSW

Regular Cycle :
“I have been menstruating from a very young age and have never had a regular cycle. Since taking Herbalife Tang Kuei, my cycle has been exactly 28 days to the mark!”  Bonita C, QLD

Period Pain & Sleep :
”Tang Kuei has relieved my cramping and stomach period pains and I no longer feel sick and sore during this time. It also helps calm me down and make my night more restful over the month. I like to thank Herbalife for these fantastic products.”  Krystelle S

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

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