Protein Bars


Model: Ultimate Protein Bars

You Get 3 Yummy Flavours :

  • Chocolate Peanut
  • Citrus Lemon
  • Vanilla Almond

You Get: Super Fast Delivery (next day-2 days).


Herbalife Protein Bars Australia

Instead of grabbing a mars bar or cake or lollies, treat your sweet tooth to a delicious Protein Bar.
Each deliciously soft & chewy bar is packed with protein & nutrition & covered in a yummy mouthwatering chocolate coating.

Your Protein Bars will satisfy your sweet tooth & give you valuable soy protein between your meals for your sustained stamina & your appetite satisfaction.

  • Ideal for when you need a mid-morning or afternoon snack.
  • Optimum nutritional support loaded with vital nutrients.
  • Powered by 12 grams of hunger-fighting protein.
  • Healthy fibre and 23 vitamins & minerals, can help sustain your energy & appetite.
  • Only 3.3 grams of fat.
  • 135 calories.
  • 14 mouthwatering protein bars/pack
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